Life-Partners – Winner af ILDA Care Awarden

Successful German-Danish cooperation in healthcare

(Stuttgart) – In conjunction with their German project partners, two Danish med-tech companies have been presente with the ILDA-care Business Case Award by BioRegio STERN Management GmbH and Welfare Tech. The ideas singled out for acclaim as part of the EU ILDA-care project were the “Age-Based Mobile Adaptive Micro apartment – AMAM”, which is aimed at creating age-appropriate living space, and the “Virtual Rehabilitation and Training” virtual training system. ILDA-care stands for “Intelligent Logistics, Digitalisation and Automated Workflows for the Homecare and Nursing homes sector” and is an EU initiative to systematically improve efficiency in the care industry. At the end of April, a special workshop was staged with the winning teams to further develop their business ideas.

The second winning team involves cooperation between Lars Jessen, CEO of the Danish IT company Life Partners A/S, and Christian Frede from AmbiGate GmbH, based in Tübingen, Germany.

They received the award for their idea “Virtual Rehabilitation and Training”. They aim to develop a platform that supports nursing homes and outpatient care in organising and implementing physiotherapy applications. “We want an integrated solution for virtual training, communication, cooperation, advice and analysis,” explains Frede. AmbiGate GmbH has already developed a 3D-based therapy system with innovative motion detection and analysis for rehabilitation and healthcare. Jessen, who has business experience in the Danish healthcare sector, is responsible for areas including the Life Manager Community Platform.

This can be used in domestic environments and in-patient facilities alike and simplifies communication between patients and their families and friends.

The Danish Welfare Tech cluster from Odense and Stuttgart-based BioRegio STERN Management GmbH are working together to support ILDA-care. The EU project aims to form a new value chain that links together intelligent logistics, digitalisation and automation for the care sector. Raising the level of care provided in nursing facilities or people’s own homes means having to find solutions that allow care staff to focus on delivering personal support instead of using up their scarce resources on time-consuming formal work processes. Numerous small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) from the STERN BioRegion and Denmark and a number of research institutes are involved in the research project. “This strategic international partnership is giving rise to exciting collaborative projects. Two of these have now garnered an award with which to successfully hone their ideas further,” says a delighted Dr. Margot Jehle, project manager from BioRegio STERN Management GmbH.